Garden and Planting Design

Creating full garden and planting designs including flatplans, 3D sketches, hand drawings and supporting documents

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Consultation and Maintenance

Regular maintenance to achieve a tidy look with tips and ideas to improve your garden and planting scheme

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Healing and Edible Gardens

Learn all about the healing properties of your own garden, all the teas and concoctions you can make with your plants

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Gardening Message

Gardens are all about developing spaces for relaxation, entertainment, beauty and edible crops. They meant to create a transitional area between nature and human beings, between your house and the surrounding area.

They should reflect the so-called Genius Loci – the Spirit of the Space- in harmony with the style of the house, the available space and the best aspects to create the most beneficial layout.

It is all about aesthetics and function: the pretty flowers in your gardens are not just for your pleasure. They invite bees and butterflies, which help pollinate your plants; and a selection of berries will please all sorts of birds. Creating a planting scheme with biodiversity therefore will benefit for your surrounding environment as well. Don't be afraid to do something different.

Make your garden cute, colourful & culinary.


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