Garden Design

CAD examples

A selection of computer-aided designs creating flat-plans, full 3D models, 3D views to envisage the future look of the garden and sections of detailed construction drawings. Designing in 3D helps for a better understanding of the available space, the quantity of building materials needed and how you may feel in your newly designed garden.


Garden design

Hand-drawn examples

Some things are better shown with a hand-drawn image; especially if you are after a natural look. A simple sketch can say a lot about your ideas. Using many different rendering materials can also help deciding on the style of the garden: watercolours, black&white crayons, coloured pencils and pastels can all show a different side of your garden.

Planting design

CAD examples

Creating a planting scheme is one of the most rewarding part in garden design. Mixing different colours, textures, leaf shapes and making sure that the garden has some seasonal  interest all year around is a complex job - digital versions are therefore more efficient. Planting plans will come with a full detailed planting list with quantities ready to order from the nurseries.

Garden photography

Examples of nice settings

Garden photography is all about the details for me: hidden features, excellent planting combinations early morning dewdrops on the leaves - all captured in the right time of the day. Great settings can inspire us to create something new in our own garden as well - visiting parks, botanical gardens and estate gardens is a good source.

Plant photography

Colour themed examples

Digital plant photography has allowed me to create a large collection of plants I can advise from. Visiting many countries meant many new plants and gardens for me, which inspired my design as well. Plants feature many other things than just their flowers: new leaf shoots, berries, colourful twigs and modified parts all add to their beauty.